If you no longer want an already published plan to appear on your Steady page or checkout, you can archive it in the Publisher area (under "Published plans").

Once a plan has been archived, it will no longer be displayed on your Steady page or checkout. However, members who previously purchased this plan will still be able to use and enjoy this membership plan. Archiving a plan means that new members will no longer have the opportunity to purchase this plan.

There is also an option to delete a plan in the same part of the publisher area, but only if that plan doesn’t have any members.

The same applies to changes: If the affected plan has not yet been purchased by anyone, you can change it as you wish (e.g. remove or edit).

For legal reasons, a plan cannot be changed once it has been purchased by a member. If you really want to change a plan, you can create a new plan and archive the old one.

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