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Change, archive or delete plans
Change, archive or delete plans
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Once a plan has been published on your Steady page, it can be edited to a certain extent. Once a member purchases the plan, however, you are limited in what you can change – for example, it is no longer possible to change the price of the plan.

If you need to make changes to a plan, there are a number of different options. See below for the one that fits you best.

Changing a plan

Once a plan is published on your Steady page and members are purchasing it, you cannot change the price.

However, you can change the name and description of the plan, the benefits it includes and whether you want to offer it as a gift, create a goal or countdown for your plan. All of these changes can be made in the backend.

You can change a plan by clicking "edit" on the bottom left of the plan.

It is also possible to

Archiving a plan

If you no longer want anyone to be able to purchase a specific plan (either on your Steady page or checkout), you can archive it in the backend. Click the three dots on the top right corner of the plan you want to archive and click "archive".

Once a plan has been archived, it will no longer be displayed on your Steady page or checkout and nobody will be able to purchase the plan anymore. However, members who previously purchased this plan will still be able to use and enjoy this membership plan. Archiving a plan simply means that new members will no longer have the opportunity to purchase this plan.

You can archive a plan by clicking the menu on the top right corner of a plan.

Deleting a plan

There is also an option to delete a plan in the backend. This is only possible if that plan doesn’t have any members yet. If your plan has members, you can only archive the plan.

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