1. While the invoiced sales are shown under "Statistics" in the Publisher account, the payments actually received by us are taken into account in the payout (credit invoice). Direct debit payments are usually not credited by the bank until 5 to 6 days after the invoice has been issued.

Example: While all membership sales for the month of July are accounted for in the sales statistics, only those membership sales for which we actually received payment in July are taken into account in the July statement. Therefore, it can also contain membership sales from the month of June, which, however, were not paid by the member until July. This only applies to direct debit payments.

2. The monthly fluctuations in the payout amount are usually based on varying bank working days for direct debits at the end of the month. Memberships that were concluded at the end of the month and are paid by direct debit are sometimes booked into the month of invoicing and sometimes booked into the following month due to the different processing times of the banks.

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