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On Steady, creators and members can contact each other via direct message. The Messages section can be accessed via the menu bar at the top of the screen.

As a creator, you will see a list of your members and a search bar. Simply select the member you wish to contact and write your message. If you have several publications, you can choose between the publications and the corresponding lists of members.

As a member, you will see a list of the publications of which you are a member in the Direct Messages section. Simply select the publication you wish to contact and write your message.

A safe space for constructive dialogue

At Steady, we want to offer creators and their members a safe space where they can exchange and learn from each other. Respect and fairness are important to us at Steady and we do not tolerate hate. Users must adhere to our guidelines.

Only users who are logged in to Steady and have an active membership to a publication can send or receive direct messages. When a membership ends, any previous chat history and the ability to continue sending direct messages will disappear. Group chats are currently not possible.

Tips for creators: How to initiate dialogue

There are several ways to do this. You can ask your members for their opinion, ask them for suggestions or just thank them.

You can encourage your members to send you a direct message by mentioning it in your podcasts, articles or social media channels. This can be useful for deeper exchanges, like when you are researching a specific topic. Maybe there is an expert on that topic among your members – say you are writing about urban planning and there is an architect in your community, they could send you a direct message to let you know their interest.

Members are often willing to support you in your work, not only financially but also in terms of content. On our blog, we have collected a few tips on how to involve your members in your work.

Direct messages aren’t only intended to promote exchange – this direct line to you and your team can also be an incentive for potential members to sign up. Why not build this incentive into your plans from the start?

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