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Do creators need to amend their privacy policy when using Steady?
Do creators need to amend their privacy policy when using Steady?
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Yes, as a Steady creator you should amend or replace the privacy policy on your website.

As a Steady creator you use data that Steady collects – for example, email addresses and your members' names, and possibly also their shipping addresses. This is no problem under German data protection law, because both parties involved – you as a creator and Steady as a service provider – have a vested interest in this data and need it to be able to offer their respective services. However, you need to make it clear in a transparent and easily understandable way that we exchange this data with each other. This is all set out in Steady's privacy policy.

We recommend that you update your privacy policy when you become a creator on Steady. (If you change your privacy policy, you do not necessarily need to inform your users separately or ask them to agree again, as would be the case with changes to the terms and conditions). You could, for example, write something like:

We use services of the company Steady Media GmbH (haftungsbeschränkt), Wattstr. 11, 13355 Berlin. Steady sells memberships for our publication, bills for this service and provides corresponding services, for example by providing a paywall on our site. For this purpose Steady collects and stores possible identification data (including IP address, date, time and other technical data about the internet browser and operating system being used) and checks whether a user is a member. For this purpose Steady uses cookies on our website. Steady also collects other data from members, such as their email address, name and membership data. Steady's complete data protection information can be found here.

This is just one example. Please note that you are responsible for your own compliance with data protection and Steady cannot provide legal advice.

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