Some podcasters offer their members access to exclusive episodes. If you support a podcast as a paying member, you will get access to these episodes.

Here are two options of how to subscribe to and listen to new exclusive podcast episodes.

Subscribe to receive exclusive episodes via Steady's audio RSS feed

More specifically, you'll get a personalized audio RSS feed URL that you will then need to copy into your podcast or RSS app.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for Steady (or login to your existing account)

  2. Go to the left-hand menu and click on Memberships (all the plans you have purchased are listed here)

  3. Click on the Subscribe to Podcast button in the corresponding plan

  4. Confirm in the next step with Continue

  5. Then select a Reader app that you want to associate with your personalised Steady audio RSS feed

  6. Continue to the app you chose and follow the setup process.

  7. ✅ You should see the podcast and regularly updated new episodes in the app of your choice.

    Screenshot below shows the steps to subscribe with the example of one project and Apple Podcasts.

You only need to do this once. Then you will automatically receive new exclusive episodes from the podcast you support.

Subscribe to listen to exclusive episodes via Spotify

Great news for podcast listeners on Spotify: if the podcast you support has chosen to publish their members-only podcast on Spotify, you can stay in the Spotify app and pick up your exclusive episodes right there. (If the Steady podcast you want to listen to isn't available on Spotify, you can send them a direct message and ask them about it.)

To access your exclusive episodes on Spotify for the first time, there are two options:

  1. From Spotify:

    1. Search for the exclusive podcast you want to listen to.

    2. Click on the lock icon to get access

    3. Continue to Steady signup / login page

    4. Continue to connect accounts page

    5. ✅ Your accounts are connected and you are able to listen to the exclusive podcast on Spotify

      How to link your Steady account from Spotify
  2. From Steady:

    1. Login to your Steady account

    2. Go to your Memberships

    3. Select the podcast that is published on Spotify. You will see this if the membership card has a button "Listen on Spotify" (see screenshot below)

    4. Click the button and connect your accounts

    5. You will then proceed to Spotify, where you need to login or confirm the account linking.

Note: If your chosen podcast has both a free and members-only podcast, these will appear as two separate feeds on Spotify.

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