How is Steady funded?
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How does Steady make money?

Steady's revenue comes almost entirely from our 10% membership fee. However, this does not cover all costs, which is why Steady also has financially secure shareholders. These shareholders reflect the Steady team's conviction for contributing to a diverse media landscape.

Who has invested in Steady?

In recent years, several entrepreneurs have invested in Steady as private investors. The two newest Steady investors are Müller Medien from Nuremberg and Berlin-based IBB Ventures. Müller Medien is a traditional publishing house that produced the telephone book, the Yellow Pages and the "Was ist was" book series. The family-owned company has been investing in digital start-ups for some time now. IBB Ventures is a subsidiary of IBB, the business development bank of the state of Berlin. Its mission is to promote the economic development of sustainably successful companies. Read more about the financing round.

Are there any other sources of financing?

Steady received funding from the Digital News Initiative (DNI) Innovation Fund, a support program from Google. The program aims to promote "high quality journalism and a sustainable news ecosystem through technology and innovation". Part of Steady's development costs were paid by the fund. Google is not a shareholder of Steady Media GmbH, nor is Steady obliged to use Google products. Read more about the Google Digital News Initiative.

What does this mean for Steady publishers?

Above all, it means safety and security. Our main investors, Müller Medien and IBB Ventures, are in excellent financial positions and are making long-term investments in their target companies. We are aware of our responsibility to Steady publishers who want to be sure that Steady is a reliable partner. Our investors make a major contribution to this security.

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