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How to Add a VG Wort Pixel to a Post on Steady
How to Add a VG Wort Pixel to a Post on Steady
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If you're a writer in Germany, you might be eligible to receive a payment from VG Wort for your work. This guide explains the process of adding a VG Wort pixel to a post on Steady.

Unfortunately, readers who receive your posts via email newsletter are not counted as accesses (and therefore also not for the minimum access requirements). We have contacted VG Wort about this, but it does not currently seem to be planned to change this.

Getting Pixels from VG Wort in the T.O.M. Portal

  1. Start by registering with VG Wort if you haven't done so already. This process ensures that you're eligible to receive payments.

  2. Once you're registered, log into the VG Wort T.O.M. portal.

  3. In the portal, you can request a batch of pixels, which are unique identifiers (public keys) that are used to track how often your posts are read. You can request batches of multiple pixels at a time.

  4. Once you receive your pixels, you'll have a CSV file that contains a unique ID for each pixel. Please keep track of these public and private IDs, and which post you have used them for.

Adding a VG Wort Pixel to a Post

  1. With your pixels in hand, go to your Steady Posts page.

  2. Select the post you want to add a pixel to and go to the publishing settings page.

  3. Find the input field for the VG Wort pixel. This is where you'll enter the unique ID (”Öffentlicher Identifizierungsschlüssel") for your pixel.

  4. Once you've entered the ID, the pixel will be added to your post.

Finding a Post with a VG Wort Pixel

  1. If you need to find a post that you have added a pixel to, you can do so by using the search function.

  2. Go to the posts overview table in your Steady account.

  3. Enter the public pixel unique ID (”Öffentlicher Identifizierungsschlüssel") into the search box.

  4. The post that the pixel is attached to will appear in the search results.

This can be particularly useful when the time comes to report your work back to VG Wort.

This basic functionality allows you to claim your posts and start receiving payments from VG Wort. In future iterations, we plan to provide additional features to make this process even easier, such as a CSV export for creators who want to submit many posts to VG Wort.

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