If you want to give away memberships to certain people, you need to trick our system a little bit.

You can't simply create a plan priced at 0.00 EUR. When you set the prices for your plans, Steady gives you a minimum price depending on the currency in which you are operating. Selling plans that cost less than this minimum simply wouldn't be worth it, since there are payment costs to factor in.

Fortunately, there are other practical features you can use:

  1. Create a new plan

  2. Set the price to the minimum

  3. Activate guest access and select the number of guest accounts you wish to offer

  4. Make the plan invisible

  5. Buy the plan yourself

  6. Distribute the guest accounts to your friends and colleagues via a link

Those who receive the link only need to accept your invitation. Then they can use the membership for as long as the plan is active. You can cancel it at a later date, if you wish.

Please note: Switching from one plan to another only works if you have not assigned guest memberships. Before switching the plan, you have to revoke guest memberships (and if possible and if desired reassign them with the new plan).

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