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How to add a log-in for members to your website
How to add a log-in for members to your website
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If you offer exclusive members-only benefits on your website, then there needs to be a way to authenticate who is a member and who isn’t. The Steady Login ensures that you can, for example, block access to an exclusive article for non-members, but allow members to read the same article without any trouble.

Information about whether a person is a member or not is stored in our system, because whoever signs up for a membership has to create a Steady account. In order for this information to be retrievable, there must be some form of login. You can either use the login system we provide or you can use Steady API to manually implement the process.

If you already have your own login system, it is probably best to implement the login process manually (go to point 2).

1. If you don't have a login system: Use the Steady Login

In order to use the Steady Login, you just need to connect Steady and your website, by adding the Steady code to your website. Then you can use all Steady features. For example, if you use the Steady Paywall or the Adblock Detection, your visitors will be prompted to log in when the paywall appears or when they use an adblocker.

You may also like to add the Steady Login button to your site. When your visitors click this button, the login process will be initiated. Configure the Steady Login button.

2. If you have an existing login system: Manual implementation

If you already have your own login system, you do not need to give it up to use Steady. Your members will still need to create an account with Steady in any case to complete a membership. But after completing this one-time step, not much will change for your members.

The trick is to connect your own system to Steady’s. In concrete terms, this means that your members will have two accounts (one in your system and one in Steady’s), but will only need one account to log in to your website. You can offer your usual login as before, and you can also offer a "Login with Steady".

"Login with Steady" works like just like a "Login with Facebook", "Login with Twitter" or similar. This method is called OAuth2 and can be implemented using Steady API. For this you will either need the help of a programmer or some programming skills yourself. Learn more about how to implement OAuth2 using the Steady API.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do people from my community need to do if they already have an account in my login system and now want to become a member?

If you offer memberships, people with an existing account can buy a membership as normal.

During the payment process they will be asked to create a Steady account, in which information about their membership status will be stored. Through the OAuth2 process it is possible for your website to access this information. This means that you can allow your members to log in both ways: Either with their old account or via "Login with Steady".

What if people become members without having an account in my login system?

Even those who don't have an account in your system can become members. They will also create a Steady account during the payment process and will be able to log in later via "Login with Steady".

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