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You need to log in to Steady or a Steady project at least every six months to stay logged in, unless you log off manually. To log in to Steady’s website or a Steady project, use your email address and password, or your Facebook or Google account.

Logging in to the Steady website

If you log in through the Steady website you will stay logged in permanently, as long as you visit every six months. You will be logged out of Steady if you don’t visit within six months.

Logging in to a Steady project

You will not be automatically logged in to all of the projects that you’re a member of, even if you’re logged in to the Steady website.

You need to connect each project with your Steady account by clicking “log in” on the project's Steady Adblock Detection or Steady Paywall. You will then be permanently logged in to the project and the Steady website, as long as you visit at least once every six months.

Steady "forgets" your login

In order to store your login, cookies are required, and these are stored in your browser. Each time you use a different browser, you will have to log in to Steady again, in order to set up the corresponding cookies in that browser.

This can also happen if you are using a mobile app with an internal browser. For example, if you open a link within the Twitter app that leads to a Steady project, you may need to sign in to Steady again if the app opens the page in an internal browser.

Further help

If more problems occur and you are asked to log in very frequently (either on the Steady website or a Steady project), follow this troubleshooting guide.

Got a question we haven’t answered in our Help Centre? You can contact us at support@steadyhq.com.

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