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How to automate updates to your Mailchimp list with Steady and Zapier
How to automate updates to your Mailchimp list with Steady and Zapier
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Zapier is a service that helps you automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows between Steady and Mailchimp (and a whole range of other web services, too).

On Zapier, you can set up automated connections called Zaps in just a couple of minutes, with no coding required.

4 powerful automations from Steady to Mailchimp

Here are four examples of automations you can set up on Zapier between Steady and Mailchimp:

  1. Send a welcome email to anyone who signs up for a membership on Steady. Let them know how glad you are to have them on board. Welcome emails make happy members.

  2. Automatically remove a member from a newsletter list on Mailchimp when they cancel their membership. If you have a members-only newsletter, for example, this would ensure that a former member stops receiving these emails as soon as their membership expires.

  3. Send an email to anyone who cancels their membership about why you’d love them to stick around. You can prepare an email on Mailchimp to be sent out to anyone whose membership expires, with three compelling reasons why they should consider renewing their membership.

  4. Automatically update a member’s details in Mailchimp when they change something on Steady, like their name or email address. This saves you another job.

How to connect Steady and Mailchimp with Zapier

Signing up for Zapier and setting up your first zaps takes just minutes. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Sign up for a free Zapier account and log in. (Note: the Zapier free plan is limited to 100 tasks/month. See Zapier’s pricing).

  2. Navigate to "Connected Accounts" from the top menu bar.

  3. Click on "Connect new account" and search for "Steady".

  4. Use your credentials to connect your Steady account to Zapier.

  5. Once you have connected Steady and Zapier, log in to Zapier so you can set up your first Mailchimp automation.

  6. Start by setting up a zap that will automatically add new members on Steady to your Mailchimp newsletter list. Zapier offers a handy template for this zap, making it even easier to integrate into your Mailchimp account.

  7. Simply select “Try this template” and Zapier will walk you through setting it up step-by-step.

Once you have automated sending new member details directly to Mailchimp, you might like to test out some more zaps to make your workflow even easier.

Here’s a list of all the member activities that can be used as automation triggers:

  • When a new membership is created

  • When a membership is cancelled

  • When a membership expires

  • When a membership is reactivated

  • When a member updates their details e.g. name or email address

Benefits of sending newsletters directly from Steady

Send newsletters to a specified audience

On Steady, you can publish posts on your Steady page and send them as newsletters to an audience of your choice. Choosing to send a post as a newsletter is as simple as ticking a box.

Each time you send a newsletter, you can choose whether it should be sent to your:

  • Paying members only

  • Newsletter subscribers

  • Only members of selected membership plans

This allows you to be selective about who receives which messages, and can be completely controlled from within Steady itself.

Manage your subscribers and members all in one place

When one of your subscribers becomes a paying member, or a member switches to a new membership plan, their details are automatically updated on Steady. If you’re sending your newsletters with Steady, too, there’s no need to update their details in another location. Everything you need to know about your members is kept in one handy list, which you can filter to search for different categories of members.

You retain the rights to your contact list, so if you ever decide to leave Steady, your contacts go with you.

Clean layout with multimedia embedding

Steady’s editor offers a super clean layout, ready for your creativity. You can embed podcast episodes directly in your email, as well as video and social media content, delivering all of your best work directly to your subscribers’ inboxes without having to switch between apps or battle with a social media middleman for airtime.

Before you set up Zapier for Mailchimp, let us show you what Steady’s newsletter tool can do.

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