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How to send an automated welcome email to new members
How to send an automated welcome email to new members
Updated over a week ago

Welcome emails are a powerful tool for building long-lasting relationships with your members.

Your welcome email might:

  • ask your new member why they supported you,

  • show them where to find exclusive content, or

  • simply showcase your best work so they can dive right in.

Make the most of the chance to say hello and, before long, you’ll be surrounded by a happy crowd of engaged, committed members.

The easiest option to set up a welcome e-mail is by using the Steady Drip Campaign feature. It is completely free for all Steady projects.

You can also use Zapier to set up a welcome email using a third-party provider.

Steady Drip Campaigns

Third-Party via Zapier



Paid (Depending on the plan)

Email Sending

Integrated email sending

Connects to third-party email tools (e.g. Mailchimp)

Welcome Email Series

Allows sending a series of welcome emails

Series depends on the connected third-party tool

Additional Tools Integration

Limited to available features

Can connect and automate with numerous other apps and tools


Customization options based on Steady features

Customization options depend on the connected third-party tool


Automated welcome email series

Highly customizable automation based on triggers and actions in Zapier

Ease of Use

User-friendly, straightforward interface

May require some learning to set up and manage automated workflows (Zaps)

What is Zapier, and how do I use it for my welcome email?

Zapier lets you connect Steady to 1,000+ web services, so you can automate parts of your business and get back to focusing on creating great content.

If you haven’t used Zapier before, here’s how to connect Zapier to your Steady account.

Once you’re signed up with Zapier, take a look around Zapier’s library and check out all the integrations it has to offer.

If you’d like to set up automated welcome emails, search for your email client. Zapier connects with a number of email service providers, including Gmail and Mailchimp, as well as its own service, Email by Zapier.

Then you can simply follow Zapier’s very helpful prompts to connect the mail service to your Zapier account and prepare your welcome email.

3 tips for a great membership welcome email

  1. Welcome emails work best when they come from a human – so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself.

  2. This is your first opportunity to build a personal connection with your newest members, so don’t waste it. Open the conversation by asking a question, and encouraging them to hit “reply” and get talking. Leave a little time in your schedule to respond to members’ emails on a regular basis.

  3. Don’t miss the business opportunity: some of your new members might be on a free 30-day trial, so this is your chance to convince them to stay on board. A welcome email is the perfect opportunity to send them a showcase of your best content. If you use the Steady Paywall, you might like to use this opportunity to direct them to the best content they’ve been missing out on – make it as easy as possible for your new members to want to stay with you.

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