If you have become a member of a publication and purchased a plan that includes guest access, you can invite one of your friends to join your plan. You need to become a member yourself in order to gift memberships to others. This is how it works:

  1. Buy the plan that contains one or more guest accesses.

  2. In your settings, go to Memberships > Manage.

  3. Here you can see all the plans you have purchased. Click “Invite Guests” on the relevant plan.

  4. Enter the details of person of your choice to invite as a guest.

  5. Your guest will be notified of your invitation by email. They can then create a Steady account to use your plan free of charge.

You manage the guest accesses on your plan. This means you can withdraw the guest access at any time and give it to someone else instead. If you cancel your plan, all guest accesses on your plan will also be cancelled.

Please note: If a publisher does not offer guest access on any of their plans, then it is not possible to gift memberships to that publication. However, if you would like to do this as a member, just talk to the publisher about it – they might have simply not been aware that this is an option, and would love to hear what you’re interested in.

Switching from one plan to another only works if you have not assigned guest memberships. Before switching the plan, you have to revoke guest memberships (and if possible and desired reassign them with the new plan).

Info for guest members

In order to accept a guest membership, you will need to register for a Steady account. However, you don't have to enter any payment details and you won't get an invoice – the membership is free for you as a guest.

Guest membership means that you can use another member's plan. If this member cancels the plan (or withdraws your "guest" status), your guest membership will also end. You can, of course, sign up for your own membership at any time.

If you have accidentally declined a guest invitation, please ask the person who invited you to simply resend the invitation.

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