⏸️ Pausing your membership programme

There is currently no function for creators to temporarily pause a membership programme, but it is still possible to take a break or reduce your membership offerings.

Here are two strategies other creators have had success with.

  • If you no longer want to offer members-only content, but still produce free content, you can ask your members to support you for that work

  • If you need to pause all content creation for a while with the view of restarting in the near future, you can ask your members to keep up with their support. To incentivise them to stick with you, you could promise them some bonus or surprise content when you are back in action.

In our experience, fans are more than happy to support creators financially just because they love their work, they don’t need the promise of extra content.

They are also willing to support you through times of lower content production, if they know it will help you to resume your work at a later point.

Still thinking of deleting your project? Maybe there’s an issue we can help you with. Reach out to support@steadyhq.com.

🛑 If you want to permanently stop your membership programme:

  1. Inform your members that the project is being discontinued.

2. Get in touch with us at support@steadyhq.com. Our support team will take care of the logistics.

3. For more information, read our detailed article on deactivating your Steady project.

❗You do not need to delete your project.

We recommend that you keep your project online, in case you change your mind and want to restart your membership programme at a later date.

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